Throat Chakra Waist Bead


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The Throat arit is located at the throat. This arit controls communication, creative expression and judgment, which allow you to listen to the connection between your heart and mind. It also controls psychic communication, in particular, clairaudience, clairscent and clairgustance. It is responsible for assisting in delivering messages from the spirit world with clarity. This arit is associated with the ether element, which represents infinite space, where all matter exists. When the Throat arit is in balance, you can express your deepest desires and beliefs without fear. You will be able to listen to and empower others. When it is out of balance, communication is blocked and you hide in silence. You might also be inclined to gossip.

Turquoise Crystal 

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  • Sacred adornments made with: 100% authentic crystals, tarnish resistant wire, gold filled and sterling silver findings, durable beading wire and thread, and genuine LOVE x INTENTION.
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