Clear Quartz Deluxe Waist Bead


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there is so much meaning to this strand. 

charm link up  in the middle so that the design on one side reflects the beauty of the other side. if you know, you know. 

Africa charm - honors the land of Africa because it is a portal between the cosmos and hu man experience

Ankh charm - symbol of L.I.F.E … (L)iving (O)n (V)alued (E)nergy. In. Full. Effect.

Tree of Life charm - from the cosmos we here wit it. grounded in the now and everything is connected so why not live it UP!?

clear quartz a.k.a “Master Healer” gemstones ( 4 for stability ) 

silver feminine energy ( 5 )

gold masculine energy ( 10 )

white is the most illuminating hue. ( 15 )

clear crystal beads on both sides of each sacred segment to keep the energy in


  • All products are handmade to order so they will generally ship up to 1 week after purchase depending on the volume we're working with at the time.
  • Sacred adornments made with: 100% authentic crystals, tarnish resistant wire, gold filled and sterling silver findings, durable beading wire and thread, and genuine LOVE x INTENTION.
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