Balanced Expression Lip Cuff


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Gold tarnish resistant wire 

Stainless steel gold plated chain 


Chakra healing lip cuff with corresponding colors and gemstones

Root Chakra- Red Jasper♦️

Sacral Chakra- Carnelian🍑

Solar Plexus Chakra- Citrine🌟

Heart Chakra- Malachite💚

Throat Chakra- Aquamarine🦋

Third Eye Chakra- Sodalite🌀

Crown Chakra- Amethyst☯️

  • All products are handmade to order so they will generally ship up to 1 week after purchase depending on the volume we're working with at the time.
  • Sacred adornments made with: 100% authentic crystals, tarnish resistant wire, gold filled and sterling silver findings, durable beading wire and thread, and genuine LOVE x INTENTION.
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