Tooth Gems

Tooth gems will not harm or damage your tooth. The procedures are quick and painless! I use high quality, professional, dental grade glue and ONLY use Lead-free Swarovski crystals. This semi-permanent procedure adds the most dazzling touch to your smile!

- Tooth Gems also:

  • Require no extra maintenance.
  • Have no effect on the tooth enamel once the jewel is removed or replaced.
  • Does not obstruct regular brushing.
  • Does not restrict you from visiting your dentist or dental hygienist.
  • Last approximately 6 months to 2 years depending on maintenance

- Tooth Gem aftercare instructions:

  • Do not touch or play with the tooth gem directly after procedure.
  • Do not eat or drink for one hour after the tooth gem is placed.
  • Eat only soft foods for the first 12 hours.
  • Do not brush your teeth for 12 hours. It is preferable to avoid using an electric toothbrush for the first 24 hours after a tooth gem has been placed.
  • Always be careful biting into hard food where the tooth gem has been placed. This will after the longevity of your tooth gem

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